Arlene Diaz

Professor, History; PACE Faculty Advisory Board, 2016-present

Full Biography

Professor Díaz has published articles on the history of Venezuela, the Spanish Caribbean, and Brazil. Her book, Female Citizens, Patriarchs, and the Law in Venezuela, 1786-1904 was published by Nebraska University Press in 2004. She is now working on a book project, entitled “A War Beyond the Battlefield: Information, Spies, and News in the Spanish-Cuban-American War, 1878–1898.” This research weaves together the disparate and complex interactions between knowledge, representation, and empire at the moment they came together in the United States. The book project is significant in its use and analysis of a large quantity of untapped reports from secret agents—effectively a spy archive—and in its use of digital humanities methods to uncover key narratives, issues, and information that have not yet received the attention they warrant in histories of the Spanish-Cuban-American War. In addition to her publications in history, she has co-authored articles in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.