Voting Essentials

How to Check Your Indiana Voting Status

  • Go to
    • Click on "Check Your Registration"
  • Put in your name, birthdate, address
    • Click on “Continue”
    • You will either be able to see your status, or you will be able to register to vote
If you have questions, call/email Election Central for more help:

Election Central


When and where do I vote?

You can vote early in Monroe County at the Election Operations Site on 302 S Walnut Street in Bloomington. Early voting for the May primary starts on April 9.   You can vote in person on Primary Election Day, May 7.  Indiana University Students living in Bloomington precincts 5, 18, 19, and 23 can vote at Indiana Memorial Union (Student Involvement and Leadership Center, formerly University Club) at 900 E 7th St. You can confirm your voter registration address and polling place using IU Turbovote.