Workshop For Faculty and Graduate Students

Training Workshop on Role-Playing Games in the College Classroom

Friday, June 4, 2021, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Free and online

Co-sponsors: PACE Institute for Role-immersive Teaching and Learning; IUB Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning)

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Are you looking for innovative ways to engage your students online? We invite you to learn about the Reacting to the Past role-playing pedagogy that puts students at center stage. Students learn by taking on roles in elaborate games based on historical scenarios and informed by classic texts. They develop their ability to communicate, work in teams, exercise leadership, think critically, and solve problems. They have fun doing it.  And they can do this either online or in a face-to-face classroom.

At this virtual workshop, using the online communication platforms Zoom and Slack, attendees will play an abbreviated version of the Reacting game Cesspits, Cholera and Conflict over the Broad Street Pump. The action takes place on the evening of September 7, 1854 at Vestry Hall in Soho, Greater London. Participants are members of a special emergency response committee of the local Board of Governors and Directors of the Poor of St. James Parish, who have convened to respond to the deadly outbreak of cholera that has claimed the lives of more than 500 parish residents over the preceding eight days.

Historically, the outcome of this meeting was the decision to remove the pump handle from a contaminated neighborhood pump on Broad Street. This decision and the events leading up to it are considered a defining moment in the development of modern approaches to public health, epidemiology and municipal waste management. It’s hard to imagine a more relevant topic given the events of the last year.

As we play and reflect, we will learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with running the games in our classrooms and in cyberspace. Each participant will be assigned a role to play. Game materials, instructions, and role assignments will be provided to participants at least a week in advance. Graduate students and faculty in all fields are welcome. Please register by May 24.

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