Funding opportunities for PACE students

There are many opportunities for PACE students seeking financial assistance—from PACE-specific scholarships to grants, financial aid, and other types of scholarships.

PACE internship funding

There are two scholarships available for PACE internships—the Steven R. and Lisa A. Block Internship Award and the PACE Internship Scholarship. You will be considered for both scholarships with one request.

Who should apply

PACE students who are planning to complete the internship requirement and enroll in PACE-X 473 for internship credit.


If you have joined the PACE program and your internship has been approved by the internship director, you are eligible to apply for PACE internship scholarships.


For optimal consideration, you should arrange your internship and submit requests by:

  • July 10 (fall)
  • December 1 (spring)
  • April 1 (summer)

How to apply

Email with your request for a scholarship before the deadline. Explain your internship work and any additional funding needs. You must be enrolled in PACE-X 473 (internship credit) before receiving a scholarship.

After you apply

PACE faculty and staff will review requests for funding and determine how many scholarships will be given and the amounts. Scholarships will be paid through the Office of the Bursar, and any outstanding tuition or fees will be deducted from the amount. Some subsidized funding (especially loans) already accepted may be reduced by the amount of the scholarship.