Michael Weinman

Visiting Associate Professor, Comparative Literature; Professor of Philosophy, Bard College Berlin

  • mweinma@iu.edu
  • Ballantine Hall 627

Full Biography

Michael Weinman is Professor of Philosophy at Bard College Berlin since 2013, after originally arriving as a Guest Professor in 2010. He is the author or editor of five books, most recently, Plato and the Moving Image (Brill, 2019), co-edited with Shai Biderman of Tel Aviv University. In 2018, he published The Parthenon and Liberal Education in the SUNY Series in Ancient Greek Philosophy from SUNY Press, an investigation of the Parthenon as an education in the liberal arts co-authored with Bard College Berlin faculty member Geoff Lehman. His earlier books address the role of pleasure in Aristotle’s ethical thought and the relevance of Virginia Woolf’s experimentation with narrative for debates about subjectivity in continental philosophy, respectively.

Michael also has published articles and book chapters on Ancient Greek science, especially mathematics, and its reception in 20th-century German philosophy and on themes in contemporary political philosophy. His current recent interests focus on Arendt’s heterodox understanding of power and political violence for contemporary debates about populism and the challenges facing the liberal international order today and on the changing perception of the entwinement of mind and world in nature writing and narrative fiction from Goethe through Woolf.